Fiddling, The Basics & Beyond


The newly titled book, “Fiddling, The Basics & Beyond,” was formerly titled “Fiddle 4 Every Level.”  Now published by Hal Leonard, the new book includes the same great content it’s always had with the addition of 2.5 hours of music on an .mp3 CD.  EVERY version of every tune has a slow and fast version to practice with.  So, 14 songs, 4 levels per song, with two speeds per song makes for an amazing learning experience.  It’s like having four books in one.  The newly added audio, doesn’t include a price increase.

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Product Description

No matter if you are a complete beginner or an experienced player, Fiddling: The Basics & Beyond teaches everything you need to know to be a successful fiddler. The book takes a unique approach, providing three versions of each song to keep players challenged, plus a harmony version, so it’s like getting four books in one.

Each tune has etudes specifically written to reinforce the techniques needed to play every version of that tune. There is also information that is specific to each version that will help fiddlers learn faster and understand more. All of this information is specifically geared to building proper playing technique, so violinists will also find the book helpful.

The book includes customized checklists to help players narrow down what’s really important to remember while practicing each tune. The best part is that all four versions can be played together, so teachers with students at various ability levels can still play together and sound great.

The accompanying CD contains recordings of many of the songs in the book, played by the author himself for maximum authenticity. Each song’s versions and harmony are played slowly at first, and then at normal tempo. The MP3 CD features more than 2-1/2 hours of music, and is playable on Macs and PCs, as well as on MP3 CD players and DVD players.


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